Takeo's home girl coming in Episode 6

Giselle Diefendorf
Warning this profile is longer than all the others! 
Giselle was born and raised in Brooklyn Heights where she lived with her Parents Jon and Kate Diefendorf both high profile lawyers. Not wanting their daughter to be a spoiled brat like the other children in the in the neighborhood, Giselle's parents packed up and moved to Queens Village and that is where she met Takeo! 

Throughout their childhood and adult life people always thought that Takeo and Giselle would be married with children, however there are some things that Takeo doesn't like about Giselle and there are some things that Giselle can't stand about Takeo. The dislikes about each other ways payed the way for Takeo and Giselle to have a brother and sister relationship. 

Both Takeo and Giselle had plans from a young age to open up a Law office together, those plans change when after one year of college Takeo had to drop out. Giselle was so confused about her best friend leaving college behind for God knows what but she didn't ask any questions because, Takeo and his family was always private.

A few years later Giselle graduated from Brooklyn Law School at the top of her class and not to long after she married a High Profile Attorney name Tom Daniels. Tom was 11 years older than Giselle but they had so much in comment because both came from a family of lawyers. 

2 years into the marriage Giselle notice that Tom was always being a control freak, Giselle had to break up many fights between her father and husband because Jon did not like the way Tom was talking down to his daughter like she was a child. Jon and Kate saw how stress Giselle was and wanted their daughter to leave Tom but like a good wife, Giselle decides to stay with her husband.  

Tom also did not like the friendship between Takeo and Giselle and Tom reminded his wife "It's either me or him!"  Giselle explain to Tom so many times that Takeo was her best friend and she will not cut him out of her life! Tom took one phone call from Takeo every 3 weeks to a whole new level!

Giselle was always trying to find a way to leave her husband for a good reason (never mind the fights Tom would get into with her father, never mind changing the number just so Takeo could not call, never mind the always being followed because Tom had a feeling that Giselle may be cheating on him!). Giselle had may reasons to leave her husband but, she love her name being attached to Tom Daniels. That's when Takeo's mom step in for her son and put an end to Tom bull**it!

Lady Red called Giselle one day and told her "Leave that bastard of a husband and come work for me, whatever you need I will help you!" Giselle had to shake her head because she did not know where this was coming from, before she could even get a word out that's when Lady Red had to stop her! "Before you tell me no come by my office now!" Giselle knows better than to talk back to Lady Red from being around Takeo and she did want she was told.

Giselle went to Lady Red's office and she saw Takeo there, they hug and Ms. Red drop some photos on the table so Giselle can see for herself. It was Tom with his Ex-wife and there were in some very funny looking poses. All Giselle could say was "That Bastard!"

To make a long story short Giselle left everything she every own while married to Tom at the Penn House, she moved in with her parents for a short time (something she didn't want to do but, they didn't care because she was not with Tom anymore). Takeo's mom offer Giselle a job which she started right away because she did not like living with her parents.

Giselle was in for another surprises because Takeo had to let her know what kind of work she will be doing for the family business because after all, Giselle is family right!