Non Doll Related- The Blacker the Berry, the Sweeter the Juice

Those who followed me before always know I could find the craziest videos on YouTube and this video is no different. While researching Afro-Asian couples, I happen to come across this very funny and sweet guy! I'm going to stop talking and let you have it, as always share your comments after watching the video!


  1. Interesting! I didn't know that Asian women were leaving Asian men for White men! Two lonely groups of people...that is a thought.

  2. @ Ms.Leo, yes that is happen but for some reason, no one likes to talk about it! Kind of like, no one wants to talk about how many African American women and Asian men are hooking up in a big way!

  3. @ Oh Vanessa, this guy had me on the floor too bad he lives on the west coast because I would be giving him a call!

  4. He's cuuuuute! Alas, too young for me, but cute and smart, yes.

    I've only read one book where the Asian-Black pairing was an Asian man with a Black woman. Usually, I see Black men with Asian women. Shrug. As long as the couple is happy, I have nothing against interracial dating. Can't say that the race of the person would draw me first.


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