New Dynamite Girls Are Coming - In the City collection

As some of you already know New Dynamite Girls are coming in 2012 and I don't like them but, don't let me ruin your fun go find your girls and new character Hot Stuff Cruz

In The City Gang

Mighty Real Reese

Sexy Think Jasper

Hot Stuff Cruz

Good Times Dayle


  1. I'm not so crazy about Cruz but I do like Reese & Jasper. The other 2 eh no real interest

  2. Wow! Great Dolls. I love the Rees! I have to get back to your blog and Videos! I feel like I missing out!

  3. I don't have any Dynamite dolls. That Hot Cruz is already hard to find, and we know he will be fetching big bucks on the secondary market. None of them are on my list, but it's good to see them.

  4. Reese is really cute! If I had it to burn, I'd spend money on her. I first though the Cruz guy was cute but saw a closer pic of him and I'm not feelin' him. That Jasper is so not the gorgeous Jasper in the past. Glad I'm not feeling them. More money in my waller. ;)

    Thanks for posting, I had no idea they were coming out with 2012 DG's.

  5. Not too crazy about them, but their outfits are cute :)


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