Monster High On Nickelodeon

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So it seems that Nickelodeon will be airing a special Monster High cartoon for Halloween! yay!  I’m hoping that it will actually be getting a cartoon series, but we’ll see…  Here is the info:

Sunday, Oct. 30
1:00 p.m. – Monster High: Fright On! (Network Premiere) – When other monster schools are merged with Monster High, our ghouls find themselves up against a Normie administrator determined to drive a stake into the harmony of the school, and magnify old grievances in order to isolate and separate the monster groups. This agenda of intolerance can only be cured by Frankie, Clawdeen, Draculaura and their ghoulfriends as they strive to prove that the culture clash of Fur and Fang will not inevitably lead to a war within the walls of the school.

Can you stop playing with us and put a damn serious on tv already! 


  1. OMG - my 5 year old was Clawdeen for Halloween. Yesterday we stumbled across this cartoon on the OnDemand site. Leah asked for it six times in a row. Hope there are more episodes coming or I am going to be able to quote every line of dialog.

  2. Clawdeen sister and brother I must have, I don't her sister out yet but I have to found her brother!


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