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Just found out that Dynamite Girls: Heat Wave Aria will not be coming until September(Shipping List). Of course the rest of her friends won't see the light of day when September comes. I really hate when Integrity does this, the 2nd wave of the Dynamite Girls this year has a summer theme but yet, they shipping them out in the fall where you have to put away your swimsuits and found those nice warm pants to wear because it's chilly outside! Who is sitting at the table when decision  are being made, should've the ones that were just shipped ( Plastic Inevitable) should be coming out in the fall since they are dress the part. Therefore, Check Mate collection could be in our hands right now!

I don't know if I should tell the dealer who is holding my other dolls to mail them to me or just hold off until September! I do need to to make some room!


  1. I feel your pain..that's all part of loving the DG's or any Integrity doll. They have delays on shipments most of the time the new line is due. Depending on what you have coming if you can hold out until Sept sometime ship it all then. If there is some goody you need to have GET THOSE DOLL(S) NOW!! LOL

    I caved and got Aria & Rufus from the Inevitable line. Love Aria's face and Rufus' outfit ;O)


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