30 Black Dolls I love: Part 2 Night & Eveing Wear 14 - 7

I am continuing my list of 30 Blacks Dolls I love; these are the top 14 dolls I wanted badly! What do I mean when I say wanted badly, it means I famished for them! When it comes to saving money I am that person but, lately I needed to use money for things so I really need to catch up.  However, if I want something  I will save up for when the product comes out or just keep a few extra dollars on me when in need. I will also cut back on a few things such as food; I could miss a few snacks here and there so that’s not a problem!  So here is the list from 14-7 taking place at the Night and Evening Boutique.

Night and Eveing Wear  Boutique

Adele Makeda Gold Stroke

Colette Duranger Paint In Black and Barbie ON LOCATION MILAN Best Models
Nadja Rhymes Hard Act to Follow

Barbie Alvin Ailey

Barbie Basics Model #4

So in Style RocaWear Chandra
Monster High Clawdeen Wolf
The Top 6 are on their way!


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