Let’s skip Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

My internet went out on Thursday December 23, so sorry if I didn’t come back to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! I don’t know what happen with the net , I woke up early that morning and was writing in my journal and 4 hours later I could not get on the web to save my life. So instead of wishing  everyone a very Merry Christmas, lets just skip that and jump into Happy New York!

I am so really for the 2011 to come in, first I am going to work on myself, spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally! the big 3-0 is coming very soon and I feel that what happen  in 20’s needs to stay in the 20’s so I can live better in the 30’s and so on! 

Speaking of living healthy mentally, I have been cleaning out my closet and found so much stuff it is unbelievable!  

2010-12-22 08.45.45 Lots and Lots of dolls I use to play with but not  anymore so they will be off to the Good-Will very soon!

2010-12-22 08.47.25 This is my puppet Cindy! 6 years ago I was in the puppet ministry in the church that I sometimes go to. In 2005 the leader of the ministry left and therefore the puppet ministry stop! I won’t go into why I think it was a mistake for the ministry to end but, look for a post about this very soon because I have a lot to speak on this matter!

2010-12-21 10.39.42

For me the bad and only thing about being a doll collector is sticking clothes and shoes all over the place! I notice if I could not get to my storage unit I just stuff everything in my drawers.  I stop doing that because you end up with this, nothing but junk in your drawers!

I hoped everyone had a get holiday and a great healthy New Year! I will continue my with my Barbie Basics Model list and A Newbie Christmas story!


  1. Wow!!! Some lucky soul is gonna get some great dolls from Goodwill!
    : D
    Happy New Year!


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