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Here are so never before seen photos I took over a year ago!





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The Barbie Movie Saga!

One Sunday afternoon on October 3, I happen to catch a new Bratz movie that came out this year called Bratz: Pampered Petz on Nickelodeon. The movie was about Sasha, Jade, Cloe and Yasmin helping out a famous singer find a home for all her pets so she won't lose her house!

The Bratz movies are always very enjoyable to watch; as a matter of fact all of the Bratz movies happen to be really good in the storyline,the voice overs are great and the plot is fresh every time! Even the Saturday morning T.V. show was also fun to watch!
Now the title of the post is call "The Barbie Movies Saga!" What do the Bratz movies have to do with Barbie movies you may ask? Well come follow me.............

Barbie animated movies have been coming out on DVD since 2001; however most of the movies seem to be about Barbie begin a Princess, Mermaid and/or some kind of Fairy. The only time Barbie play herself is in The Barbie Dairies. Now with the new movie Barbie - A Fashion Fairytale in stores, i…

The Wanted Dolls Have Arrived!

If you're reading this post I'm up late again looking around on the web, I have to stay away from YOUTUBE because I found the crazies videos on there and can't help but share! 
Well before I go on and on and start looking at other things before taking 2 hours to write this post I just wanted to share this information for you while I was reading D7ana's blog!
Over the years there have been a lot of boy(girl) band dolls that young girls and women wanted to get there hands one!

My Night in Target: I'm Trying So Hard.................................

I went to Target tonight to do a little shopping and sweeties temptation  was killing me so deeply!
First of all the Barbie Basics 3.0 dolls were there and I could heard them saying  "Pick me, Pick me, Please Pick me!" I could not pick any of them because I want to save money  but they are not making it easy!