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It has been a month since Barbie Basics step on the scene with their simple but outstanding black dress and different accessories packs to spice the girls up! So far everyone is loving the 12 rat pack of beauty on our store shelves, I mean what not to love! Each girl has something about her that you easily fall in love; whether its the style of her hair, the color of her lips or the dress she has on no matter what it is you just have to have her!

Barbie Basics Model 4 Barbie Basics Model 3Barbie Basics Model 6 Barbie Basics Model 8 Barbie Basics Model 2

As of right now I have these girl from the order I bought them in Model 4, 3,6,8, and 2. If you are on and you will that their are many pictures of Model 4 who I name Drea Munro and Model 8 I will name Beyonci with an I because she reminds me so much of the singer Beyonce but the rest I’m still working on!

Barbie Basics Model 5

The one that I keep missing in stores is Model # 5! On New Years Eve I saw her in the Target but bought Model #3 because my niece told me I should get her instead! I love my niece but next I’m not listening to her! I could order her offline but, my mother is going to have a big talk with me about spending all my money on dolls and blah blah blah blah (you know how mothers are)! As of right now I’m still on the hunt and plan to take a trip to Time Square Toys “R” Us sometime this week, wish me luck!


  1. Congratulations on the dolls you have and hope you get Model #5, too.


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