Vampires In November: Thank you to D7ana

Thank you to D7ana for this cute little photo of a little Vamp bugging his mommy for warm bottle of blood!


  1. You are welcome, Ebony!

    Poor Mommy Reina. (Reina Sarafan a la Mode by Azone.) Poor little Tommy. (Mattel Target Exclusive Vampire Tommy.) Is Reina a vampire, too? Is she mother to one of the Kens?

    Looking forward to seeing more vampires. Sideshow has a bunch of them - Buffy, Angel, Willow, Spike, Darla, Drucilla, the Master. Majestic Studios has Barnabas Collins. I forgot the company who produced Christopher Lee as Dracula. Does anyone know if Blacula was produced? (Darn, I was to get Blacula this year, budget didn't permit though.) Oh and Edward of Twilight.

    Any other vampires in playscale?


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