Thank you to Knena

Something one of my blog readers want to share and I totally forgot about it! Here is what Knena had to say!
Hi! I'm knena from the blog I love the vampire theme!I would love if you write about True Blood. I think so far is the vampire series that I liked most of all.I am currently reading the books and it is incredible but is one of the few times that I think the series is better than books, yet I have not read all books.In True Blood, during the first season is a sexy African-American vampire that I would have liked to see more on the show named Diane.

She was turned into a vampire in the late 30's and had a short relationship with Bill (one of the stars of True Blood vampires)She is a character faithful to the plot, but other characters such as Tara (I love this girl) does not appear in the book. It's another African American girl with a very interesting, though not vampire (at least so far)Lafayette is also African American, not a vampire and if he appears in the book, but not as important like in the series. He's very funny and successful with your comments.This series my favorite is vampire Eric!I recommend you see the TV series and if you want read the books! The Southern Vampire Mysteries
What's so funny about this is that I do remember watching the first season of TruBlood and I really forgot about the character Diane! WHY? because she was not in there that long. Don't get me wrong, I do like TruBlood I just have to catch the 2nd season when they put it back on my HBO!


  1. Thanks Nicole. Yes, she only appeared in 3 episodes of the series, but I guess I was impressed because there are rarely African-American vampires characters and she was very beautiful and sexy.
    I think there are not many Latin American vampires, but we are so mixed.
    Thanks for this post!!

  2. Diane DIED in the housefire :(

    True Blood vampires are so gross when they die... lol

    btw... did I mention that I absolutely LOVE this show? hahaha

  3. It's good to know that fellow doll collectors are into True Blood as well. Cool!


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