'New Moon' breaks boxoffice record

So far Twilight: New Moon has made 72.7 million dollars! I from what I heard, New Moon is way better than the first movie Twilight. I will be going to see this movie in the morning!


okay the fan in me is going to clam down now!


  1. I was underimpressed by the first movie so it's good to hear that this one is better :-)

    Looking forward to hearing whether the movie lived up to your expectations ... and seeing your doll versions of movie scenes LOL.

  2. New Moon was sooooooooooooo good! D7ana I'm like you Twilight was just ewwwwwwwww but, New Moon was the ish! Looking at Jake today, makes me want the doll more!

  3. I want the guy dolls, yes ;-D

    Just wish they were more poseable ....


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