Laurent from Twilight: Thank You Therese

Thank you to Therese for bringing up Laurent from Twilight to my attention! Early today I made a post about The First Black Vampire which is Blacula; we had a few ethics vampires over the years but not that many. It was very good to see Queen of the Damned played Aaliyah and Edi Gathegi.

Here is some history on Laurent:Laurent was an original member of James' coven. When James and Victoria chose to hunt Bella Swan, Laurent told the Cullens everything about them.
After this, Laurent went to live with the
Denali Coven; despite living with "vegetarian" vampires, Laurent cheated the diet as evidenced by his red irises.

Laurent is described as an olive skinned, dark haired vampire with a French accent. Bella Swan considered Laurent to be easily the most attractive out of himself, James and Victoria. He appeared to have little sense of loyalty as he betrayed Jame's plans, his long time coven leader, to the Cullens. In addition, he also betrayed the Denali Coven by disregarding their vegetarian diet. Laurent also turned on the Cullens by trying to kill Bella.

Laurent is also a doll; for those doll collectors out there that like tall dolls (This one is for you ANGIE) Laurent, James and Victoria are the guys for you! These dolls are made by Robert Tonner!

If you want him and other Twilight dolls you can order them at Angelic Dreamz


  1. I find the Queen of the Damned movie adaption very annoying.

    Lestat is supposed to be BLONDE - it's a big deal, about how fair and angelic he looked and that is why he was chosen by his very insane maker Magnus

    Marius is also supposed to be BLONDE - his Celtic blood is what lead to his vampirism - I think, it has been a while since I've read the books... but I guess he'd looked too similar to Mael who is also an ancient Celtic vampire

    At least Maharet had red hair... I'd imagined her to have a more Arabic, Indian, gypsy look to her

    Akasha is supposed to be WHITE - as in WHITE STONE! I imagined her to have Northern African mixed with Arabic features (she is from ancient middle east... don't get me started on UFOs lol) but like a statue or you know a sparkley vampire lol the whiteness to me was like a polished limestone coating with her blood vessels and dark brown skin shade shimmering though - well, in my mind anyway...

    I would have liked to see Gabrielle, Lestat's mother... she was described as having her blonde curly hair frame her face either like a halo or a lion's mane, she was both fierce and nurturing

    Maybe someone thought that Anne Rice had too many blonde and blue eyed characters LOL

    If I manage to find any time HA HA HA I'll draw some Anne Rice characters for you...

    Vampire legends and their variations are everywhere, wherever there are people and death. Which is basically everywhere.


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