The Dirty Bella and Edward!

For those of us who enjoy the love story of Bella and Edward in the Twilight saga, let me point out why we love them so much! Bella and Edward were friends first before they fell deeply in love! Instead of jumping in bed, Bella and Edward show each other love in many different ways for example: Bella want to become a vampire so bad so she can live the rest of her life with Edward to fight by his side. Edwards goes out of his way to protect Bella by even leaving her in New Moon so she can have a life without his world having such an impact on her! Those are some of the reasons why people including myself love reading all the Twilight books!

TruBlood is the same as Twilight but far from the sweet love affair!
In TruBlood the character Sooki is a telepathy who can read peopole thoughts, the only thoughts she can not read is the handsome 173 years old vampire Bill Compton. You all know the rest the story "The Lion falls in love with the Lamb". Soon after Sooki and Bill meet they become romantically involved. Unlike Twilight, TruBlood has a very strong sexual overtone! Trust me, this show or the books are not for children to read or watch! TruBlood comes on HBO and the cast will start filming for Season 3 next month!


  1. I LOVE TRUE BLOOD... obsessed I might say...

  2. aside... I've always thought Kristen Stewart would make a better vampire, she's pale with sharp anime-like features and she sounds a bit punk-ish in real life...

  3. Here what Niel had to say

    Anyways, I'd just like to say I love the series True Blood as well. :) More than the run of the mill love story, I like the other underlying stories as well. The show reminds me of different social issues such as gay marriages, racial discrimination and religious bigotry. It is somewhat allegorical. It tickles the heart and the mind.




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  5. No problem Niel, I want to make sure everyone has their say!


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