25 of the Best Vampire Movies of all time!

Thank you to D7ana again for giving me a link to 25 of the Best Vampires Movies!http://www.rottentomatoes.com/guides/best_vampire_movies/1/
My favorite is 30 Days Of Night, you would think it will be Twilight but noooooooooooo; I chose butt kicking, sucking, bloody showdown any day over felling in love and flying though the trees!


  1. Of the ones I have seen, "Let the Right One In" is the scariest and most haunting to me as an adult. On the other hand, who can resist Christopher Lee as Dracula. Sigh. Classic.

  2. Other vampire movies I can think of:

    Rise: Blood Hunter


    But that's not to say that they were the best LOL


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