So here is what's going down! I doing a special Model Moments PhotoShoots on my boys! We all had a big meeting and they told me that they do not get enough time in front of the camera (TRUE STORY)! So we all agreed that the girls is going to take a step back and let the guys have their shine! MODEL MOMENTS WILL START LATER THIS MONTH AND WILL END AT THE END OF THE YEAR!

In other big news! I order my Edward Cullen doll yesturday morning and I hope he comes soon! You will get my full review after we go to the brooklyn botanical garden to take some very Twilight Pictures!

PLEASE KEEP THE VOTES COMING ON DO YOU WANT NOVEMBER TO BE TWILIGHT MONTH? I want everyone in on this because The New Moon is coming out next month and instead of Twilight Month we are going to have one big VAMPIRE PARTY! So next week I will ask everyone to send in emails about anything Viampires from Twilight, TruBlood, Vampire Diaries! So please get ready to bite!


  1. Hey Ebony, I'm looking forward to seeing your male models pose. My guys have been griping that they haven't gotten any coverage lately, too.


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