So to let you know what's going on, here we go..............................
I'm still looking for a Job; been on a few interviews and had to turn them down because the amount of work they wanted done I was not going to kill myself over! I'm still waiting for God to open that door for me because he knows what my heart wants to do more than anything in this world!

I have too much junk in my room! I gave a 20 barbies dolls to a little girl and she was the most happiest person on earth! I also have photos to show you what I've found in my closet!

Since money is tight, my doll buddie Angie has been giving me dolls that I love so much: Photos are coming soon!

I saved enough money for my Twilight Edward doll and I will be ordering him sometime this week!
NEW MOON IS COMING! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! So whoever lives in New York lets get together on November 20, and go see The New Moon!

P.S. To my wonderful readers' should I have a whole month of everything Twilight in November in honor of the movie let me know!


  1. Glad to read that you will be getting the Twilight Edward you wanted. Hope you get Jacob next year when he's out. May the "New Moon" movie meet your expectations.

    Good luck getting the job you want/deserve. I'm seeking, too.

  2. maybe you should dedicate November to vampires or supernatural creatures?

    personally, I wish that Bella would grow her own brain... she makes me wanna stick pointy things in my eyes...

  3. Cool!! Please report if the Edward doll is glittery or what? I've love to get Edward and have him join my Barbie house. He's just sooo handsome, but I dunno if I can deal with a new sparkly dude.

  4. I wish I was in NY so I could come see New Moon with you!!
    I'll deffo be going to see it!!
    I've already pre-ordered Bella, Edward and Jacob Barbie & Kens. Couldn't afford the Tonner versions!! (not that I thought they were anything special!).
    I really hope Mattel make more Twilight dolls!! :)

  5. I'll give everybody my full review when I get the doll!


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