Dynamite becomes FIERCE!!

The dynamite girls are at it again with a new line call Feelin Fierce! The girls (dolls) who are part of the line is a new comer call Dani” & her sweet little dog Sophie and Jett with blonde hair.

Dani is a Canadian Exclusive! Here is link to a Canadian dealer http://www.mfd.net/!

You can order Jett at any dealer here in America!

In my opinion, I think these girls are really cool! In the 2nd Wave of the Dynamite girls, Jett was my first Dynamite girl. At first I did not like her because I wanted Reese soooooo bad, but after taking pictures of her the doll grew on me very fast. I like to collect at least one of each doll from the series and I'm thinking about getting Dani and her little dog too lolol! Pictures of my Rufus Blue ELECTRoPOP coming soon!