The Newbie's: Guess who's coming to dinner?

Giselle set up a dinner date for Ayumi, but she doesn't know who he is! 
IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm thinking about doing a Summer story series, I would let you know in the coming weeks, I'm also taking a blogging break very soon because I need time to write the story and take care of other things in my life. I want my stories to be more real and very juicy!

 Ayumi started to get very nervous about the dinner, she has not been on a date in 2 years and that date was with her ex-boss Lukas which Ayumi would never do again.
 After moving the table around Ayumi felt a lot better about the dinner

 Ayumi could not believe her eyes when this handsome guy walked in
 Kyne is the new guy in town with the good looks and the heart of gold!
If you're looking for a cocky dude, Kyne is not the one.
 Ayumi heart is on fire!

Ayumi and Kyne seem to hit it off right away, they talked about everything from music, movies, past jobs, old friends you name it. Kyne is really feeling Ayumi and Ayumi wants another date soon!

 Oh yeah, things are looking up
 Things are going so well they forgot to eat their cupcakes!
The End, but not for long!


  1. Dear Ebony Nicole,

    I am glad to see you developing stories for your doll characters. I always enjoy your pictures and I really liked the little "out of the box" story with Clawdeen Wolf so I am looking forward to more of your dolls' adventures.

  2. Thanks Limbe dolls, I love taking my dolls outside, I was going to go out today but wake up late!


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