Remember American Next Top Model Dolls

In 2008 MGA entertainment launch American Next top Models dolls after Tyra Banks famous show (American Next Top Model). Just like their Bratz neighbors, ANTM had big heads, big feet and a great sense of style. The Fashion dolls were 4 girls from different backgrounds who wanted to be the next big thing in the fashion world. ANTN also were vinyl, jointing at the neck, shoulders, hips and waist.

American Next Top Model Dolls came in 2 sets; the first set was a Day/Night wear. Your favorite doll would wear a nice top and cute shorts and shoes for the day, and at night she would switch it up in a killer dress with some fanatics shoes and a hot bag to blend with the outfit! The second set was a swimsuit line (basic doll) so the girls could be ready for their beach photo shoots.

Although the package showed 4 girls, only 3 where release Sidney, Sienna and Paisley. The 4th doll Tascha never made her entrance!

Tyra Banks American Next Top Model is already on Season 15 but the dolls, have not had another season to continue. Would you like to see another line by MGA for these dolls or just let them fade on?


  1. I love these dolls and have all 3 from the deluxe collection. I really love them and wanted MGAE to produce more. They should of released Tascha too!

  2. I love these dolls too, again like with the Monster high dolls collecting these was a big change for me. I only wanted Sidney & Tascha but, being that Tascha never came out I did not bother with the others!

  3. I remember these dolls making somewhat of a splash because their shoes fit the 70's Tuesday Taylor doll. Now I wouldn't collect these dolls per-se, but I would definitely get some of their fashions just for their shoes.

  4. Thanks for mentioning these dolls. They were unknown to me until you commented about them on my blog about MGAE's MIA Bijou. It's quite unfortunate that MGAE did not release Tascha, especially since the show is produced by an AA former top model, Tyra Banks. I know I shouldn't allow this type of small-minded thinking on the parts of companies like MGAE to work my last nerve, but it does bother me. What in the world were they thinking? Did they not watch the show and realize that AA and other women of color have aspired to be and, more importantly, have become America's Next Top Model? How inside of the box with their small-minded thinking can they sink?

  5. Thanks, Ebony, for this post.

    Thanks, Aubrey Silver, for leaking the information that these dolls shoes can be used for Tuesday Taylor! Yay! Now she and Taylor Jones can have NEW shoes.

    Hi, DBE, and I don't think you are alone in wondering why MGAE never produced the Tascha doll. They seem to have reduced their number of Black Bratz dolls since Mattel's temporary takeover. Did they think that producing Black dolls jinxed them? Kidding - somewhat.


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