The Vampire Diaries: The show I forced myself to watch! Part 1

This post will be in 2 parts so it's kind of long, so before reading go get some tea and snacks and read this late at night when everyone is out your face and enjoy yourself!

In November of 2009 I did a theme called Vampires in November, one of the reason I did this theme was because Twilight: New Moon was coming out and I wanted to get a little deeper into the world of Vampires! When I was a child I really loved watching scary movies but vampires were not always my favorite!There are so many classics in movies and television when it comes to Vampires I just did not have a favorite until Twilight came out but, this is not about Twilight! Yes shocking it is! This is about forcing myself to watch the ever so popular show The Vampire Diaries! So taking a time out from Twilight until next year when I start reading Breaking Dawn and when the movie comes out, this all leads me to The Vampire Diaries!

From my research The Vampire Diaries came out way before Twilight; Yes Twilight fans I see you on message boards saying Twilight came out before Vampire Diaries! But unlike some of you, I did my research and here's what comes up!

Ms. L. J. Smith is an American author, who wrote The Vampire Diaries in 1991 but, these are not her only books. Ms. Smith has written three trilogies and two series over the years! In 1998 Ms. Smith went on a 10 year hiatus before returning with a collection of short stories in 2008. A year before her returning The Vampire Diaries were reissued starting in 2007!

MY THEORY- Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight came out in 2005 and since the day of its release it has become one the biggest love stories in the past decade! Being that Twilight was bringing in some major cash such as movies, other authors like L.J. Smith and Charlaine Harris who wrote The Southern Vampire Mysteries aka Tru Blood which also came out before Twilight may have wanted to cash in on their popular novels! My question is "How in the world did Stephanie Meyer's books get so popular when all these other authors were out before her? We will not get into that now but come back for Part 2

To Be Continued