Non Doll Related- 5 songs That makes me Really Emotional

As a child I always loved music and use to write songs just for myself. I always wanted to be a song writer but, the type of songs I write I think no one would understand so I just keep everything to myself. I would say my CD Collection is bigger than my doll collection which is probably over 100 by now. 


My ear for music has changed over the years so I listen to almost anything, I try to be open minded as much as I can but if I don't like a song or a artist I would speak my mind on it. However I'm not writing this post to bash anyone, I just want to share my love of great music! 


I have many songs that make me really emotional but these 5 songs I pick are my top 5 songs that hit the core of my heart. Lets go down the list shall we........

 5. Norah Jones- Come Away With Me

 4. Mariah Carey- Forever

 3. Utada Hikar- This One (Crying Like A Child)

 2. Rain- Love Story

 1. Simply Red-Holding Back The Years

I know some of you know who these artists are especially if you live overseas (for the Rain and Utada fans)! 


  1. Great song choices. For a minute there I was thinking the song Rain, was by the actor Rain and the song title was Love Story. I was like, wow, he sings too?

  2. Simply Red's song is one of my favorite too. All are nice music selections.


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