The Royal Wedding: Will you be watching

London and New York are 5 hours apart; so while Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting married at 11am over in England I will be up watching it at 6am. Speaking of weddings, I only have one marry couple in my house. Well I have 2 marry couples: One you do know about and they other will soon be a story for you to read!

I am really trying to take my story writing to the next level, which means buying more props and getting deeper. So I hope you have fun watching The Royal Wedding, I'll try~


  1. I will more than likely be up. Not just to watch the wedding, but I am usually up surfing the web at that time. I think you are looking for an excuse to spend money. "I have to buy more props...". We hear you loud and clear. LOL!

  2. I'm always looking for excuse to spend money, even when I don't have it!

  3. Love your wedding photos in black-white. Classy. Thanks for sharing ;-D


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