Barbie Basics: Model #10 is f**king beautiful!

It has been a year since the Barbie Basics dolls hit the store shelves and the ever so popular ladies are still the talk of the town. However, with the new line coming in I wanted to take these next few days to go over the dolls I bought from Barbie Basic 1.0 collection. I write from the last doll I bought from the first so here we go!

The last (trust me this is the last) doll I bought from BB 1.0 is Model #10, when this collection first came out I did not like Model 10 at all. I don’t why it took so long for me to like her but, after the stupid controversy about her dress that had 3 different styles already I cave in and just bought her! I am so glad my feelings have changed because I am so in love with Model 10 who I named Brandi just like the singer. At the same time I can’t help but feel a little sad that Model 10 is not coming back in BB 2.0.

As for the controversy, I always heard people talking about her dress in the stores and I had to stop and tell them that these dolls are not for kids! Adult collectors buy these dolls and if your little girl wants a Barbie Basic don’t buy her that one! I found it funny that everyone wants to pick on Model #10 when Models 1, 2, 3,4,6,7 dresses are too short or when you open up Model #4 her v-neck open back dress is not to far from the crack of her butt (I love Model #4). Parents really need to get over themselves because while there is live sex on TV, they worrying about a doll who has no control over who makes her!

I will shut up now and let you see the ever so beautiful photos of Brandi Model #10


  1. I too never understood the dress thing. Most parent don't know about collectors. They think everything in the toy store is for kids. I seen some barbies in toy store that are over $200.00. No one is going to buy a kid a toy to play with that cost that much. But... maybe there needs to be a collector section of the store. That way toy stores can sell more collector doll items. :)

    Also, I love #10! I love the outfits you have on her and her pose!

  2. Thank Ms. Leo

    I always think they should have collector section in the store so parents could shut the hell up!

  3. The criticism about this doll annoyed me. What a black doll cannot be sexy? That bust-sized doll figure was used on the (White) Black Canary doll previously. (I think, please pardon if I have that wrong.)

    I feel sorry for bigger breasted girls growing up today. Should they be made to feel bad because they have larger breasts? Who gets to say how much is too much?

    I think the collectors dolls get placed with the kiddie dolls because it's probably easier for the stores and the store staff to lump all Barbies together.

  4. i think it's a real shame how often her dress was changed! i really wish i would of bought her the first time around, because i got stuck with the less revealing dress #2, which is still low cut, but got nothing on dress #1 for her, I named mine Desiree!


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