My 10th Fashion Royalty Doll: Mission Moscow Takeo Mizutani, more photos coming soon!

I finally have the male Asian doll that everybody wants and it took me almost 2 years to have because he was so hard to find! That's right people Fashion Royslty Takeo Mizutanit aka Mission Moscow is home with me and many other dolls who want to take a bite out of him! Mizutanit came on the scene in 2008 Fashion Royalty convention The Heist! Now that I have this Takeo, I could care less about the 2009 version because this fine young man was all I every wanted! Here are some quick photo of Takeo and I will be doing a better photoshoot in the next few weeks!



UPDATE: The photoshoot will be up later this week, Takeo looked so yummy I could not wait!


  1. congrats! looking forward to your pics... are you going to redress him? I haven't done much with mine yet...


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