New Dynamite Girls: Beach Collection

I am so excited about the new Dynamite Girls Beach Collection coming out this August and September. Even my favorite girl is back REESE, not only that TJ looks more better in green than pink and red and it is so nice to see Sooki in a nice blue color! The last 2 Sookis' were too goth like, which is not a problem for me I'm glad they made Sooki more sweet and nice. This time Integrity made the best Dynamite girls ever! I can not wait to have them,Good Lord I need a job!!

The girls I want to get



  1. I wanna get Sookie and Eltin (I was hoping that Dayle would be in this series because I missed her in the last - didn't like her outfit) I just love this face! Now I want TJ too - she has a very innoecent anime look to her doesn't she? I think so...

  2. I want Reese, Gavin, and Aria most. I love the brightness of this series.

    And Ebony, I want/need a job now! Thinking fervently: JOB. Good paying job LOL


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