Still Alive and Kicking!

So It's been awhile since I made a post on this blog, usually I try not to stay away too long without saying how everything is going! However, I've been doing so much that all I can do is go on facebook to see how family and friends are holding up (especially in this heat)!

Speaking of the heat, I try to stay inside as much as possible because I need my breathing and nose to be okay! However, I still have to go outside and fix all my documents and then there's looking for a new job just so I can save money for a year and pay for classes I need to take at the top of 2013!

When things clam down some I will jump back into my doll collecting before this month is over


  1. Alive is great; kicking, I dunno. Take care not to hurt yourself, lol. In the heat and all - ugh. Only joking cause you're not likely to get back at me at this time.

    Wish you well and much dolly fun, however you can fit that in, whenever you can.

    1. I may update this blog in a the next few days I have some things I want to share!

  2. Hey Ebony, hang in there girl. It is very hot here as well. I only go out if I have to. I miss your blog posts. Hurry back.

  3. Hello from Spain: I hope you can find a job soon. For my country also it is very hot. I look forward to your updates! Keep in touch.

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