The Wanted Dolls Have Arrived!

If you're reading this post I'm up late again looking around on the web, I have to stay away from YOUTUBE because I found the crazies videos on there and can't help but share! 

Well before I go on and on and start looking at other things before taking 2 hours to write this post I just wanted to share this information for you while I was reading D7ana's blog!

Over the years there have been a lot of boy(girl) band dolls that young girls and women wanted to get there hands one!

Such as New Kids On The Block
Now I bought a Donnie Wahlberg doll at a doll show in 2009, as adult I have grow to love him as an actor. As child I was not a fan of The New Kids On The Block, they just never appeal to me! However when they made their comeback as adult I become a fan! 

 P.S. I also have this thing for older white men 
but you didn't hear that from me! 

The Spice Girls
Okay who didn't love the Spice Girls back in the late 90's, I started collecting dolls at 17 and a year later I bought Scary Spice and Posh Spice because they were my girls!
 I would love a better looking version of the ladies today!

Then we have N''sync 
Chile please...............................

Again Chile please...................................

This all leads to the British Pop band The Wanted! Now maybe if I was a young girl back in Jr or High School maybe I'll like them, that's only if my hormones were unbalances!  

 Okay I want Max and there is no if, and or buts about it! 
Jay and Nathan are okay!
 Siva looks like a douche and I just don't know about Tom!

I'm just waiting for some of you to buy them to see how they
look in person! 

So which Boy Band do you think will last while the
High is good!


  1. You've not mentioned the Thake That dolls
    LOL! I was drooling on Max's figure yesterday on Ebay!! He looks good and I was all "buy or not to buy?" I let you know what I'll do

  2. GAH, so that's who those guys are... The Wanted.

    For me, they are now Public Enemy #1!!!!

    They play one of their songs before all of the movies at our local theater... so I've had to hear it way too many times, and the lyrics REALLY bug me... it's all not very clever sexual innuendo (one of the lines is "You'd look good on me", ew, tacky pickup line or what?!)

  3. Thanks so much for this post! My teen girls are going to love them. I want all except for maybe Nathan. I think the Jay doll is cuter than the real Jay. I think the real Siva is cuter than the doll, but slap a little facial hair on the doll and he is in business. I like the One Direction dolls, too. Oh goodness. My teens just saw the pictures. They are all falling out and giggling. I remember those days. I was that way about New Edition, who happens to be doing a concert here in Sept. I am still all googly just like I was as a teenager. Jay will be the fine light skinned brother in Morristown. I don't know what his real nationality is, but doll play is all about pretend. I think Faith would really like him. Can you tell I'm all excited?

  4. Hello from Spain: New Kids On The Block are very original. I've never seen the dolls. In Spain, only sold in stores in the Spice Girls. I see many groups of teens have their doll. Keep in touch

  5. Thanks for the link and for providing this information, Ebony Nicole! I love to read your impressions and reactions to the group/bands.

    I haven't heard either group sing that I can remember. I just like the dolls, lol. Thanks Heather for letting us know, it's not much to miss. And I would find those lyrics crude, too.

    From The Wanted, I want Max, Jay, Siva, and maybe Tom. Nathan reminds me of Gilligan.

    From One Direction, I want Zayn and Harry most and all the others next.

    I don't think beyond the play scale figures, know nothing about the actual groups, so I couldn't say which group would hold out longer. Thanks for that question and this post.

    BTW = love your new intro photo up top.

  6. Good post! I love your pics of dolls and actual singing groups.

  7. Thanks for the comment ladies and dudes, I realize I don't come back and answer much so I need to do that more!

    The boy bands I truly loved in my day where Kris Kross and Backstreet boys!

    I do want Max and I'm pretty sure they won't have them in store until the discount store!

  8. I've never heard of either of those groups! I must be old lol I love Nsync and Backstreet Boys in my day lol

    1. Lololol no you not old we just don't give a damn because we know that the groups back in our days were better! Lord knows I love the Backstreet boys!

  9. I was in college when New Kids hit the stage. I loved their songs to the point that when their Saturday morning cartoon came out I would pretend to be reading a book in the dorm rec room while secretly watching the toon. I just never got into Nsync.

    I'm into Kpop and north american boy groups just pale in comparison to Kgroups.

  10. Great post! I have the new kids on the block, Scary Spice and Posh and now I see more dolls to add to my collection! Yeah, I want Max! The band pictures were a nice touch too! Thanks!

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