Sliver & Blue: Jett-Dynamite Girl DownTown

Again I will be posting photos of my Sliver & Blue theme all week, one lady I could not wait to share with you is Dynamite Girl Down-Town Jett! When I bought Jett in June she was the last one left and I'm glad I have her! Down-Town Jett was and is the best Dynamite girl ever made! 

I made that book, there is nothing to read though!


  1. Hello from Spain: your doll, the dress enchants to me as well as the photos. The book that you did to her is fantastic. Finally, Merry Christmas from Spain and we followed in contact of blog blog

  2. Jett looks very pretty as a blonde.

  3. I like this Jett best. Does she have the original face sculpt?

    Thanks in advance for your reply ;-)

  4. Hey Dana

    No she does not have the original face sculpt! Over the weekend I will take photos of the old and and new to show you!

  5. Hi from Poland. :)
    This dress look fabolous, for me perfect one! :)
    Meryy X-mas! :)


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