Not eveything is about Barbie

Good Morning Dollies and Doll Dudes!

Found a video on and had to post it, it's a house fulled 
with Porcelain dolls and more so check it out! 


  1. Hello from Spain: slight amount of dolls has. It needs much space to have everything organized. It is the paradise. We follow in contact of blog blog

  2. Thanks for sharing that. That is definitely a museum not a house. I have my porcelain dolls in the basement. I am not big on having dolls all through my house. Some people are creeped out by all those little eyes. Especially men. I was glad to see that she had some out of boxes that she played with.

  3. I think I actually saw this on tv. Her collection is truly amazing. I love my big dolls, but they take up so much space...if only I could turn back the hands of time, I would not have bought so many. Thanks for sharing the video.


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