Making Doll Food!

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I've been very business with my life and getting ready to do the doll show, so sorry if I haven't been on here a lot. Being sick put me behind so bad, I really have to catch up on so many things. However this does not stop me from watching stuff on YouTube and writing when I have free time. 

I was watching and reading Vanessa's Blog last weekend and wanted to learn how to make doll food! So where do you go to find out how to do almost everything.....YOUTUBE!

I came across 2 videos that made my day; The First video is from Garden Of Imagination where a woman name Angela makes miniature crafts

Now after watching this video, I said to myself "Polymer clay, why can't I use Play Doh?"
Until I found the Second video!

You can always count on Ms. Froggy Princess herself, 
to use whatever she has in her house.

I went to my favorite place in the world
bought some play doh and went to work making doll food! So far I crafted 4 dishes without using any tools (which I will have to buy later on) but everything turn out okay! Please look for photos next week because I still have so much more to do!


  1. I made food out of both polymer clay and play-doh when I was a pre-teen and the play-doh stuff dried funny. It cracked and had salty looking surface stuff. Let me know how things turn out. I will be interested to learn about the viability of play-doh from your perspective.

  2. Thanks for the info! Hey when is the doll show?

  3. @kristl, so far every looks okay! I cover it with some glue which looks like it helps!

    @Ms. Leo the doll show should be coming next weekend, I will be working on 2 episode this weekend!

  4. Ebony is there a real doll show or is this for the dolls? You know I have to ask right ;O)

  5. Clam down Ms. A I'm talking about the doll story I'm doing! No doll show like the the one we go to every April! lolol

  6. Dear Ebony Nicole,

    Thanks for sharing the video about making Barbie food from Play Doh. I bought a polymer clay oven and a supply of clay several years ago but then I became concerned about the toxicity of PVC so I never used it. I made Play Doh bacon and eggs for a photo shoot I was working on but returned the dough to the can as soon as I was finished shooting.

    There are many good recipes for making salt dough at home that are even cheaper than buying Play Doh. You can use food coloring to make the dough any color you want. You can also set it but putting it in the microwave for a few seconds and then paint it after it cools. There are sealers you can buy at the craft store to apply after painting the salt dough. It does tend to crack and also it can re-absorb moisture over time and crumble but overall salt dough or Play Doh is a good cheap and non-toxic alternative to polymer clay.


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