The Barbie Movie Saga!

One Sunday afternoon on October 3, I happen to catch a new Bratz movie that came out this year called Bratz: Pampered Petz on Nickelodeon. The movie was about Sasha, Jade, Cloe and Yasmin helping out a famous singer find a home for all her pets so she won't lose her house!

The Bratz movies are always very enjoyable to watch; as a matter of fact all of the Bratz movies happen to be really good in the storyline,the voice overs are great and the plot is fresh every time! Even the Saturday morning T.V. show was also fun to watch!

Now the title of the post is call "The Barbie Movies Saga!" What do the Bratz movies have to do with Barbie movies you may ask? Well come follow me.............

Barbie animated movies have been coming out on DVD since 2001; however most of the movies seem to be about Barbie begin a Princess, Mermaid and/or some kind of Fairy. The only time Barbie play herself is in The Barbie Dairies. Now with the new movie Barbie - A Fashion Fairytale in stores, its time for Barbie to take a step back in the Fairy department and do something different and worth seeing!

So what/who should they focus on next besides Fairy's and Mermaid; how about doing something with So In Style!

Take Stacey McIrby ideals (with her help of course) and make a movie about How Barbie and Grace became friends and her move to Chicago. Do a movie about Barbie and her sisters solving clues together; I don't care what you do but stop making movies with recycle tall tales!

Hopefully somebody is reading this and is writing a different story!


  1. Hi; I'm one of your subscribers on FlickR and I have to say, I'm really impressed with your blog. However, I have to disagree on some of your comments.

    I'm really not into mermaids and fairies; don't buy them, don't care about them. However, I do love the princess ones. My favourite Barbie movie ever made is "Barbie in the Nutcracker"; to such an extent that I have a lot of dolls based on it.

    Why do I like them, you're probably asking? Well, two reasons; one, I actually like fantasy kingdoms. I couldn't care less about princesses, but I like to have some fantasy stories once in a while. So sue me. It's a change of scene, and I find it more interesting than some generic modern city.

    Secondly, Mattel don't seem capable of doing a modern story without throwing in pop-culture references or making Barbie into a glamorous, pink-obsessed movie star. Fashion Fairytale and Barbie Diaries were great because they made her relatable. They made you care. Unfortunately, the upcoming one seems to be following the "Barbie in a Mermaid Tale" route (and no, I did not like that one; like I said, I'm not into mermaids and I'm not into lame pop-culture references). Honestly, I don't think Mattel are putting any effort into them at all anymore. Maybe that's why I still prefer "Nutcracker"; it's the first, it had a decent story and it wasn't coated with sparkles just for the hell of it. That, and it features one of my favourite characters ever, but that's a whole different kettle of fish.

    With that in mind, I do agree that they should make an SIS movie. Now THAT would be interesting. Most of the newer Barbie movies are just following a formula now. Making a movie based on the SIS line would be an opportunity to shake things up a little bit, to work with some new characters and a completely different setting. Why not? Grace has her own storyline already, and she's BEEN in a movie. I'd rather see that than "Barbie: a fairy secret".

    Personally, if I had my way, Mattel would have a variety of movies; one fantasy, one modern. Then everyone's happy. But that's just me.

  2. Oh, and sorry to comment twice, but I don't agree with the "worth seeing" comment, either. Nearly all the Barbie movies I have watched are "worth seeing" because most of them are actually good.

    Sorry, just my opinion.

  3. MajorAbbey this is a free world so we don't always have to agree, so thank you so much for your comments!

  4. No problem. :) If we always agreed, it would be a pretty boring world; besides, it gave me a chance to think about what I liked (or didn't) about the movies, so thanks for that.


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