Welcome to the new year!

2009 was a big year for me; I graduated college and was on a road to starting my career! But as we all know the economic was not looking too glad at the time, so I took a babysitter job just to have extra money in my pocket. The only thing I did not have enough money for was dolls. I miss the whole Dynamic girls’ line and had to pass on a few Fashion Royalty dolls that my friend was selling!

Life was a little hard in 2009 but, by the grace of God things were getting better! My mom and I did a few odd jobs and were able to save some money to pay bills and to buy things we need! Another blessing came to us in 2009. My mother has a lawsuit pending and she was able to receive some money from that. The reason why this was such a blessing! In July of 2009 one of my bottom teeth broke off and I needed an implant. This cost almost 5,000 to get fix and for 5 months I had no way to pay the dentist. Finally in November my mother receive some money, not much but enough to help me get my implant.

A week before Christmas I obtain my implant, the amazing thing is that I lost 60% of bone but somehow the dentist was able to work the tooth implant in my mouth without any problems! I go back in 3 months to get the crown put on.

I am really looking forward to 2010 because with all the drama that happened in 2009, we should be in for a really good ride. I pray that everything goes well in my life as well as the readers and friends I may though this blog and other doll blogs, sites and forums; especially the great TheDollCafe aka FashionFeverBarbies!

Now that I have my new Laptop I will be writing more and practicing on my grammar and spelling because I know it’s just awful. Thank you to everyone that stops by here and reads what I have to say, Love you with all my heart.

God Bless and Love

EbonyNicole, Nicolelovelye, StormeeJane, StormeeDoll



  1. When the door closes, the window opens! Thank God! I'm glad we all made it to 2010. Some did not! I hope this year brings you all the joy and success you can handle.

    I also graduate this year. Yeah! Better late than never!

    I often blog from the computer lab. They have way better equipment than I do at home. So... I know how much fun you are having with the new laptop.

  2. Let's all pray that this year would be better (even if my horoscope says otherwise). :)

  3. Glad to hear you survived 2009. Very hard year. Hope that 2010 is way better, dollwise and otherwise for you. For us all.

  4. Hello Nicole! I bring you good news. Mattel confirmed it will draw more characters of Twilight: Victoria and Alice. Still no pictures of them, but we got the information here and a friend of the BBB was confirmed:

  5. Thank you Knena, that sounds like great news and thank you to everyone!


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