New Fashions in the Closet

It has been a while since I bought my dolls some new clothes, so last money when money came into my hands I went on a very overdo shopping spree for my girls and boys.


Closet 1: Here is a dancing workout set that only come with 3 fashions, 2 pairs of shoes and 1 hand bag! To tell you the truth as many of you already know that’s all the fashions packs come with now! Back in the Fashion Fever days you had 6 or 7 fashions 4 pairs of shows and many handbags that went with each and every outfit. I guess this is what you call a cutback!


Closet 2: Want to have a Girls Night out, this never ending pink set would look great on any doll!


Closet 3: And the GRAMMY GOES TO…………………………… These fashions screams red carpet and I want to be on Entertainment Tonight!


Closet 4: Slumber party in style! A new PJ set is here and you have to get it while it last because I think its the best one made, my only problem is that the short nightie needs some short pants!


  1. The dance set is cute. I had not seen these. Thanks for sharing :-D


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