Make Over

While my computer was out for a week (I will soon post a story about that) I took over 50 pictures and gave some of my girls Make overs. My Halloween Baribe who I rename Taj has a super hair cut and she working better than Rihanna! Taj hair is crazy wild but, with a little gel it all comes together. I'm not that good in the hair department: I don't know how to re-root, style a hair cut or any other fancy stuff, so I'm so glad this all came together!

More Photos of Taj!


  1. Hey Taj, looking good. Nice trim and hairdo. Blunt cut.

    More makeovers? Yay. Fun to view.

  2. What a CUTE makeover!! I almost wish I could cut my OWN hair to look like that! (0; I have done a few dolly makeovers, but never with any of my Barbie/fashion dolls. Great job! Great photos! Fun post!

  3. Wow! This came out great! I thought her before picture was good, but after is amazing!
    (Great blog, by the way! I posted a link to yours on mine as well!)


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