Barbie Doll Fashionistas

As one of the the world's top fashion icon, Mattel's Barbie is always ready to embrace the latest fashions and trends, and make them her own. Taking inspiration from the catwalk and some of Barbie's favourite fashion friends, the Fashionistas are wearing this seasons key trends; from nautical stripes to bold prints and experimenting with texture and volume.

Each Fashionista wears an outfit that matches well with her distinct personality complete with all her accessories. All this, as well as the most poseable bodies ever (with 12 points of articulation) the Fashionistas can strike a pose just like the very best of the well known supermodels.
Barbie Fashionistas dolls are suitable for children aged 3+.

This is like Fashion Fever 2.0. I can not wait to see what these dolls look like in Person.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing this line, too. Nice and appropriate to see poseable model dolls, hmmm?!

  2. Hi
    if you want my sister-in-law managed to find the dolls, she bought 2 sets (one for me and one for her). She took some pictures of the dolls in box and one of Artsy out of the Box.
    Check my blog entry for all the links:


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