Model of the Moment for 3-20-08

Every month I will give you the latest on my models living in the city.. This months girl is Lulu Le.

Lulu Le
Birth: January 25
Born: Kobe, Japan
Raise: Tokyo, Japan
Childhood Dream: Becoming a Top model and going back to school working on my Science degree.
Favorite things to do: Spending time with my family, friends and Painting.
Favorite movie.: Gone with the wind.
Favorite Music: Jazz, R&B and Rock N Roll
Favorite thing to wear: A good pair of shoes will do with any outfit.

Photos of Lulu Le


  1. You're so lucky, Nicole! I havent found these dolls yet. I love the picture of your ANTM in her bikini, she looks so leggy :)
    Her face is really pretty.


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